4 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Options

On the hunt for a sustainable Valentine’s Day gift in 2021?

Historically, Valentine’s Day isn’t the most sustainable holidays around. We’re not here to guilt trip anyone or make them feel bad about the way they express themselves. Instead, we’d like to share some options for sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t a million miles away from the traditional gifts.

Life-Affirming Lockets

If you’ve been a part of the Cahana family for a while you know that affirmations are important to us. We love to set affirmations for our life and we take them one step further and carry them with us in our bespoke affirmation lockets. 


Image of a woman in a blue dress holding a heart shaped locket in her hands

While the intention of our lockets is to carry an affirmation with you wherever you go, we recently got a glimpse of one of our customers using our lockets in a wedding proposal and we must admit, we absolutely love that idea! If you’re planning a proposal, we’d love to be a part of it - browse our range of affirmation lockets.


Image of sterling silver filigree style heart shaped locket on sterling silver chain

Lovely Ear Studs + Matching Bracelet

Don’t overestimate the impact of a perfect set of ear studs! We love these studs and their matching bracelet. Dress them up or dress them down, they make a perfect little treat for yourself, too. 


Image of gold charm bracelet with pink stones and a heart shaped gold ear stud

Sustainable Flowers

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with flowers but the experience of gifting flowers isn’t always sustainable. I just have to share this with you - a local florist in Monaco is offering a sustainable alternative to a bouquet: flower seeds! 

Screenshot of Instagram post, image of packets of seeds

Sustainable Note Books

When I first met my husband he surprised me with a calendar with small notes inside detailing upcoming events - a weekend away, a dinner date etc. It was the most romantic gift ever! You can recreate this gift easily but may I suggest using Roca Stone Paper Notebooks? Roca Stone make eco-friendly, waterproof notebooks from stone. The paper is 100% tree free, durable and tear resistant. 


Image of screengrab from Instagram, image of 3 notebooks, one is open and a pencil

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