Behind the Scenes: The Precious Collection

This week, we've sat down with Rikke, Cahana's founder and jewelry designer to discuss the latest addition to the Cahana family: The Precious Collection.

Read through our virtual interview with Rikke to learn where this collection came from, what inspired it and an exclusive sneak peek at a very special piece still in production.

Cahana: What was the inspiration behind the Precious Collection? 

Rikke: When I first saw the tourmaline stones, I thought that these could be some really powerful rings for women who wanted a statement ring that would stand the test of time. Seeing all those different stones in all sizes and shapes made my head explode with ideas about what to do with them! 


Tourmaline stones in various colours are laying together


Cahana: Ah, we love that! One of the defining features of this collection is definitely how unique the pieces are. Where did the idea for the Precious Collection come from?

Rikke: Well, I have wanted to make a precious and SUSTAINABLE collection for a very long time but the timing never seemed 100% right. With these stones, it just fell into place! I knew the first Precious Collection should be recycled rings with these one-of-a kind tourmaline stones.


An image of a hand holding an unfinished tourmaline and gold ring


Cahana: Sustainability in fashion is so key right now, isn't it? It's something you've instilled at the heart of Cahana and it's something we touch on a lot in our marketing and in the Cahana lifestyle. Do you think that translates in these rings and how do you think they'll be perceived? 

Rikke: I envision these rings to be special rings for the owner. Since each ring will be unique, it will tell a story. Either because it was bought to be an engagement ring or a gift for a special occasion or because the woman buys the ring for herself, knowing that she is truly unique also.

2.38 Carat Grape Tourmaline Silver Ring

Cahana: I have to admit, when I first saw the diamond studded tourmaline ring, I gasped a little bit. I also, looked at my own wedding ring with jealous envy. I wish a sustainable and unique ring like this would have been around when I was getting married - it's such a fantastic statement piece and it must have been special to create. What was your favourite moment in the creation of this collection?

Rikke: My absolute favourite moment was the first time I saw one of these rings worn by another woman. I will forever cherish that moment. It was a long, long journey for me that finally had its "end station" in the most beautiful way.

Cahana: So which is your favourite piece from the collection and why? 

Rikke: Well, my favourite piece is still being made right now.

Cahana: Oh! Please can you tell us a little bit about it? 

Rikke: It's a yellow tourmaline stone that is going to be my own personal ring. It's set in the 14 carat brushed gold setting and it's oval and just beautiful. 

Cahana: It sounds so lovely. You'll have to share photos with us when you've received it! Speaking of photos, you recently had a photoshoot for the Precious Collection. Tell me about it.

Rikke: Well, it was just one of these days where everything came together. My friend Charlotte had so kindly offered the use of her gorgeous home in Cannes for the shoot. The weather had been bad in the days leading up to the shoot and rain was forecast for the day of the shoot. But it turned out to be the most beautiful day; the sun was out and the light was just perfect. 

Cahana: So you were blessed with a beautiful location and gorgeous weather. Tell me about the dream team who made the shoot possible.

Rikke: Ah, yes, We were an all female team of a diverse age range which created a really powerful atmosphere where we were able to use each other's competences. And having said that, the women I work with are 100% professional. We were there to work and get the maximum out of the day and we did! 

Cahana: There's just nothing like a group of strong, talented women banding together to achieve a goal, is there? Speaking of bands ... see what I did there? Banding together ... jewelry bands. Okay, I can hear your groaning from here. Want to tell your readers about the Precious Collection bands?

Rikke: Yes, I would love to introduce them! I see them as the little sister to the tourmaline rings. 

Cahana: What are they like?

Rikke: They have a lighter and more delicate look and we were not supposed to make them, but then I got talking with my partner in India and one thing led to another and before we knew it, we had created these beautiful bands that can be used alone or together! 

Cahana: Well, like the entire Precious Collection, they are extremely unique and so interesting! Can we talk price? 

Rikke: I have focused on making them in a price point so it will be possible for everyone to buy a ring with diamonds or other precious stones. 

Cahana: Affordable, sustainable and unique! What's next for the Precious Collection?

Rikke: The idea is to evolve this collection with new styles that will go hand-in-hand with the five styles that are already made.

Cahana: Excellent! I feel that I am able to speak for all when I say that we cannot wait to see how the collection evolves over time! 

Shop the Precious Collection now for one-of-a-kind, sustainable tourmaline rings made from recycled metals

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