Sustainable Photo Shoot with Eluxe Magazine

Earlier this summer we were invited to participate in an editorial for Eluxe Magazine, they are the world’s FIRST ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury.


They’re a quarterly published paper magazine and a daily updated digital publication based in London, dedicated to showcasing luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability.

You can read more about them here...


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The idea behind the shoot was; a sustainable photo shoot.


This is something as a brand we embrace and support. Cahana pieces are handmade instead of mass-produced, and we only work with natural gemstones, silver, and gold.


Currently, around 30 percent of our jewelry is made from recycled materials and the production process is partially environmentally friendly, and our packaging is 100 per cent sustainable and the filling is organic.


As Emy Venturini explains: 


“[During Covid] Many of us changed our outlook on life. The enforced pause meant that we had to reflect on our lives. Were we truly happy with our work? Our routines? Our shopping habits? Were we happy with the ethics of what we were purchasing?


I know I wasn’t. For me, luxury now means something that is good for people and for the planet, and I believe many in the fashion world are now embracing this new outlook.”


Joining forces with various brands, who have a sustainable mindset and value sustainability within their business was such a wonderful experience. 

Image is of a woman posing, holding a blue and white chevron clutch bag, dark blue shirt and jewelry 

The photo shoot took place in Villefrance Sur Mer in Cote d'Azur, France, where a small group of talented people made a wonderful series featuring conscious fashion.


I absolutely love the pictures and hope you will feel inspired by them, a big thank you to everyone who worked to make this shoot happen during an unprecedented summer.


You can read the full editorial here, and learn more about Eluxe magazine via their Instagram page.

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