Starter Kit

If you have only just started your Cahana journey, or if you are looking for a special gift to a loved one, we have created 4 beautiful Cahana sets.
When you buy a Cahana kit, everything is ready for you:
We have chosen the pendant and chain and put them in a box along with 10 handmade paper scrolls on which you can write your special wishes, goals, affirmations, or love notes - special words that you will be able to carry close to the heart on your life journey.
And as a special gift we are adding the amazing new book from Sussanne Wexø , Loving Rituals for free. (normal price €40)
Loving Rituals is a personal book to create a peaceful life, with self-care exercises and rituals for your mind, heart & soul. The perfect companion for your first Cahana locket.
You can read more about Sussanne and the book here.
Everything is beautifully wrapped in a cotton bag with our embroidered logo.
We hope you will love the kits as much as we do.

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