The Woman Behind

Cahana Jewelry began as an idea evolving out of need.

The founder - Rikke Brogaard Bjerg - was in the middle of a life altering crisis. Having her whole life lived by and believed in a spiritual mindset, she wanted to design a piece of jewelry that could hold her affirmations close to her heart.

2 years after the first idea entered her heart her first collection was ready. The Drop and Earth pendants being the first pieces in the collection. These originals are still essential to the Cahana collection today - and to Rikke.

Since then the Cahana collection has evolved to include many different jewelry pieces, but all with a spiritual angle. All with a deeper meaning.

Today her company is based in Monaco and she sells her jewelry both online and in stores throughout Europe.

Rikke is Danish but have lived all over the world. She currently lives in Monaco with her husband and 3 children.

Cahana is her heart project and dedicated to her late sister.

You can contact her directly by email: