Social responsibility & Sustainability


Our jewelry is produced under fair conditions at a small family owned factory in Jaipur, India.

We have worked with this family since the beginning and have visited them many times. The owners focus on creating a good and stable working environment, which includes not only fair wages and holidays but also good social environment where everybody – men and women - work together.

A simple but strong idea that a good working environment creates good products. 

We believe that loyalty and a long time working relationship will help us build knowledge and create better jewelry.

We will always choose quality over mass production with a strong believe that in a sales cycle we ALL have to get a fair payment for our work.

We also constantly strive to make everything we do as environmentally friendly as possible.

The jewelry industry has – as many other industries – many challenges in this respect. We are not there yet, however we are moving in the right direction.

Around 30% of our jewelry right now are recycled jewelry and we work to increase that percentage in 2019.

Materials are re-used to minimize any waste and pollution. Jewelry that is not sold, samples, or defects are sent back and re-melted into new styles. This leads to very little waste materials, which are delivered to a government owned plant for safe destruction. 

Our newest collection of silk comes from vintage sarees that we have up cycled and there by giving new life.

All our packaging are from 100% sustainable forests and the filling fully organic.

All plastic from Jaipur used to protect the jewelry is recyclable and degradable.

We commit ourselves by only working with companies that share the same values socially and environmentally.