The Story

A whisper to the heart

Some say purpose is what gives life meaning. Wishes, desires and hopes are yours to articulate. Cahana Jewelry is exclusively designed to be a beautiful chest for your goals. To protect and honor them. And to always carry them with you.

Focus on the good

The idea behind Cahana is to express your innermost wishes in the most elegant and sophisticated way. Affirmations are a tool to help you focus on the essential and profound things in your life. And an opportunity to take part of your own future, your own story. 

Cahana Jewelry is for your heart and soul. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry to carry your wishes close at all time – to comfort, to strengthen and to guide you. Let it be a humble reminder of what is important to you. A subtle way of highlighting the things that you wholeheartedly wish for.

Make your wish

There is no right or wrong way of making your affirmation. The only important thing is that your wish, goal or desire is rooted in your heart.

Cahana is Hindi and means ‘to wish’. Allow yourself to pause and reflect, feel what is truly important to you. Write your wish on one of the small paper rolls that come with your Cahana Jewelry. Fold the paper, place it inside your jewelry and close it. You have now made your affirmation.

May all your dreams – whatever they may be – come true and your life be filled with joy, happiness and laughter.