Cahana is the story about how an idea can arise out of a tragedy.

The first idea of Cahana came an evening in Antwerp 2010.

Danish designer Rikke Brogaard Bjerg was at that time owner and director of the eyewear company Entourage of 7- and in the middle of a huge personal crisis.  She needed a way to hold on to her wish, hope and focus in life and wrote down the most important things in her life at the time on notes and on yellow post-its.

But notes you leave behind, maybe forget and do not carry with you.

The idea of creating jewelry that could hold her innermost wishes – private and close to her heart at all times was born, however it was only two years later the first designs saw light.

The company was founded in Denmark in 2013 and given the name Cahana – meaning wish. The Drop and the Earth pendants were the first pieces in the collection and are still an essential part of the Cahana collection.

Today Cahana focus on creating beautiful jewelry that can help people keeping focus, hope and wishes close to their hearts and other timelss jewelry pieces with meaning and power.